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Tootekood: 59-71160
Käekaitsmed tassimiseks
Tootekood: 40-5546000
Käekaitsmed tassimiseks
Carabiner with frame produced from 10mm diameter steel with self-closing and manual locking screw collar.Static strength 22kN; Gate opening 16mm;Class B
Kukkumise pidurdaja
Tootekood: 59-71460
Tootekood: 59-71055
Tootekood: 16-YT74221
Full body fall protectionharness consisting of 44mm wide polyester webbing with dorsal fall arrest attachment element
Full body harness with a dorsal attachment D-ring, two front textile loops for fall arrest, adjustment shoulder, leg and chest straps and adjustable waist belt with D-rings at each end for attachment.Webbing 45mm polyester
Turvarihm löögisummutajaga
Tootekood: 16-YT74227
Amortisaatoriga turvarihmal on 30mm laiune polüestrist lint ja 45mm laiune löögisummutaja.Mõlemal pool otstes karabiinid