Vesilood digitaalne 610mm laseriga

Tootekood: 16-YT30400
Ühik: tk
Aluminum electronic level with a built-in laser used to transfer the measurement over a distance of about 20 m. Provides precise marking of vertical and horizontal lines. Measurement parameters are read on a large, backlit LCD screen. We can register and save them in the device's memory. The angle examined or set by the user can be moved to a further distance by means of a laser level placed in the forehead. It lets you project a point, solid line, or lines crossing at a right angle. Thanks to the two vials built into the profile, you can make measurements in a traditional way. It has the function of saving the measurement result and audible signaling of achieving the assumed parameters. Powered by 1.5V batteries.
For carrying out precise measurements, determining vertical and horizontal lines. Marking points, lines and angles. Transferring indications using a laser.
Depending on the needs, set the spirit level using the vial or digital settings. Turn on the laser by moving the pointer to the desired place, e.g. an adjacent wall.
weight 0.547